The Deepening Crisis in Evangelical Christianity

Support for Trump comes at a high cost for Christian witness.

I just turned 70 a few weeks ago and on July 5, 2019 this piece was published in The Atlantic. I paused at posting this as some of my friends don’t want to read anything negative about our current American public climate.

More than ever I want to be honest and authentic in my own witness. Living as a believer requires integrity before God and the community in which we live. I feel that He would want us to think carefully about the serious observations being made about evangelicals right now. I feel that God always desires that we honestly look at our Christian culture through the filter of God’s principles and standards.
Maybe there are those who may be seeking some truth in these confusing times. It happens that this author has captured what I believe to be true about many in our evangelical sub-culture. I said on this blog at age 69 that I would be more forthright in sharing what I believe. And so I shall.
My age and my fears have prompted me to wonder along with this author as to what is happening to the evangelical Christian witness in our country. It shames me into sharing this article. I wish my peers were more open to talking about this.
I am an arm-chair sociologist at heart and a reformer by nature/Enneagram. My personal concerns come from a broken heart about how some have thrown away their Christian witness for a few morsels of so-called political progress.
I am considering what this author has to say as very serious. As a committed Christian himself, he has written many other worthy articles for The Atlantic.Please take the time to read this article in its entirety.