Hope for Life Kenya

The story of Hope for Life Kenya is one God has blessed.

Let me introduce you to a place that has captured my heart. I have been involved with Hope for Life Kenya since 2004. It is a non-profit (under Faith and Learning) and is located outside Nakuru, Kenya. Hope for Life (HFL) Kenya was founded as an NGO (non-government organization) by Josephine Kiarii in 2001 and serves her poverty stricken neighborhood. Through Wheaton Bible Church, Hope for Life has grown significantly since the church first supported it since 2004.

This ministry includes an Orphan Care Center that serves 150 children who are orphaned because of HIV/AIDS. What does Hope for Life provide?

Hope for Life:

  • serves a healthy meal once a day to each student and a daily Bible lesson
  • tutors after school, provides help with book fees
  • offers vocational training on Saturdays
  • supports family with caring intervention
  • supports those with HIV

The list goes on and on and over these next few months this section of my blog will contain stories about the ministries, staff, children and the teens. A new circumstance has arisen in the last months as a large number of children (who have grown up at HFL) have tested well at the end of 8th grade and have qualified for high school. We understand how important it is for them to finish high school but they need help with their school fees.IMG_0079

One of my goals is to introduce you to these high school kids who need sponsorship in order to finish high school and have a hope for a future. Friends of Hope for Life are helping raise school costs for the students pictured here. Much like the cost of college for some in our country, these teens could never afford the costs of even a high school education because of their family circumstances.

To help these 30 kids continue, it will cost about $30,000 for the 2015 school year. If you are interested in helping financially and also praying for these kids, please keep up with this blog page and pray about your involvement.

Consider $30 a month or more… $97 a month would sponsor one teen for a year. Click here to learn more and support a student.

Keep watching my blog to be introduced to individual students. Check often under the Hope for Life Category.

If you would like to pray specifically for a student, email me.

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