For me it is difficult to be open to “the right” these days. The actions of many Republicans continues to baffle my senses about what would attract many evangelicals to stay with the likes of those who represent the far right.

I recently found that watching and reading the PBS tribute to the deceased commentator and deeply committed believer, Michael Gerson, brought me hope. This story describes so many of my viewpoints.

This man of great heart has written his views for years. I learned that President Bush’s efforts to help Africa through its crisis years with HIV/AIDS (PEPFAR funding) was partially inspired by the compassion of Gerson as he traveled Africa with Bush. This Wheaton graduate lived his faith and inspired many of us through the speeches he wrote for President Bush, as well as his stimulating and stirring writing found in many sources.

Hope you find it inspiring and full of insight that we need today as believers in Jesus.