I love this blogger, Jenn Abel….I like how she makes me think.

Jenn Abel

Nuance. Gray areas.

Our current culture doesn’t do nuance well. We like extremes. Black and white thought. We like labels. Tidy boxes. We like to categorize people.

How else will we know if this person is part of Us or part of Them?

We need to know are you part of The Right or The Left? Are you a Christian? What kind of Christian are you? Are you a Republican? A Democrat? A Conservative? A Liberal? We need to know. Are you one of those Snowflakes? Are you a Greedy Republican or a Bleeding Heart Democrat? Are you a Socialist? Are you one of the Sheeple? Are you for overturning Roe v. Wade or are you a baby killer?

We stick to our side, shore up our defenses, hurl our insults. We aren’t very good at listening, and we aren’t very good at looking for common ground.

And I…

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