Robert S. is studying at Wheaton Graduate School with a Billy Graham Scholarship for international students. He is from central Uganda and lives in a village that is predominantly Muslim. His dear friend and ours, Emmanuel N. was here for the two previous years and is now back in Rwanda serving his many churches.


Robert and his wife were praying about how they could start a church. God spoke to his wife, Sarah through a dream and told her that they should start a school. Now many years later, the school has 1000 students, mostly Muslim kids. Their Christian school is such high quality that the parents pay to have their kids study there even while knowing that the kids will hear about Christ. About half of the school kids are Christians now. Sarah is the headmaster and Robert oversees many church plants. Their church is booming with new Christians.

They always wanted to have their own children but after 11 years of marriage, they still did not have any of their own, but God gave them a huge family.  Many years ago they began adopting orphans. Once Pastor Robert read someone’s Last Will and Testament after he had done a couple’s funeral service. The will said, ”We leave our 5 children to our pastor”. Instant family! Those 5 and 13 more have been adopted. They now have 18 adopted children….and quite a darling family it is. Here are a few of them.

Robert's Family

Last year while Robert was studying at Wheaton, he prayed that Sarah would get pregnant even though she never had been and was now 38 years old. Last spring Robert went home for the summer break and to everyone’s surprise, God answered Robert’s prayer, as Sarah is now pregnant… and expecting triplets. They are so thrilled. Praise the Lord that Robert finishes at Wheaton this semester. It is hard to keep his mind on his finals work this last month. Please pray for him.

But as you can imagine, Sarah needs prayer. They could use some help with the cost of the c­-section that she is scheduled to have on Dec. 12. Pray that Robert can get home in time and pray for a safe delivery.

Robert has a ministry/medical account in which you can give online with a click. This account with a not-­for­-profit organization in Wheaton will also take checks. The check should be written out to Faith and Learning International  and can be mailed to: Faith and Learning International 209 E Liberty Wheaton, IL 60187 Include a message that it is for Project: Fountain of Hope