Here is a follow-up on my previous blog entry. As you read Robert Sityo’s wife, Sarah, is expecting triplets in Uganda, (the date was originally on Dec. 20). The babies came on Nov. 30, dad flew home on Dec. 1st and all went well. Two baby girls and a boy…went home with mom and dad on Dec. 3rd…all doing well. Babies weighed 3-4 lbs…and now the fun begins. Read below to see how you can help this couple.

Some of you might want to help with the hospital expenses of $2500+ as her delivery will be in a big, professional hospital in the capital. Click here if you want to help. 

Besides the babies coming I want to add a link to a Christmas Gift Catalog for the Sityo’s ministry, Fountain of Hope. As you may be familiar with these catalogs, you or your child may choose an animal or another interesting item to be given to a child or someone in the ministry of Fountain of Hope in Bukeeka, Uganda.  

Just click the link below to see the catalog choices and directions. Consider choosing something that you can give in someone’s name (like a teacher, grandparent, aunts and uncles, a co-worker, etc.) Children can cut out the picture of the item from these pages and make a Christmas card for whoever they are buying for with the picture. It’s a great way to instill the joy of giving in children, as well as help them grow a bigger heart for the world.

Just click this link to the catalog…

May your giving this Christmas reflect a heart for those under-resourced sisters and brothers in the world and may your heart grow.