Since I returned from Tanzania and Kenya in early November, I have been bursting with things I have experienced, learned and want to share. I can say I have been again profoundly moved by seeing God’s love for His children around the world.

As I reflected on these last months, I became more and more motivated to share what God is doing around the world. I want to share with you, my friends, what you may not find elsewhere…a quick read about some incredible things that are happening around our world that will grow your heart for God.

I have wanted to start a blog aimed at expanding hearts. Once a friend told me that missions-minded people are intimidating. I think that comment could have come from an honest curiosity about how you can begin to learn about this huge world of ours. I hope this blog will grow your interest and your heart.

Blogs are about passions. When thinking about a name for this blog, I racked my brain. One idea that came to me was a simple phrase, Ever Devoted. However the concept is far from simple. As long as I can remember I have had a passion for the commission that we have been given by Jesus to go and make disciples of all nations. I pray that I continue to be ever devoted to reaching across boundaries and cultures with the good news of Jesus’ redemption. May it be so.

Some of you may recall an album by the name, Ever Devoted.  It is a CD that Willow Creek Community Church, (So. Barrington, IL)  released in 1989. When we were members there in the 1990’s, we sang these worship songs every week. When we brought this CD home, my kids devoured it. So those two words mean a lot of things to me. We knew the singers and we knew the lyrics…God used that music to shape our lives.

Last Thursday something amazing happened when I visited my daughter’s home. Her husband was going to help me set up this blog that day and as I walked in the door, the wonderful music from that very CD was filling the house. I had not heard it in years. It was a confirmation of sorts to me…as it moved my heart immensely.

This blog will be a simple one. I plan to use lyrics, quotes from some of my favorite authors and bloggers, and things to ponder that come from greater minds than mine. I hope you will be challenged in your daily walk to stretch past your comfort zone and enlarge your heart for the world. Who knows how God can use us.

[Much of the photography I will use from East Africa is compliments of  Juli Watt Photography & Kelly Lemon Photography]