It is such a delight when God leads you to do something that you love to do. Spending 12 days with dear friends from the US visiting dear friends from Uganda was above and beyond a joy. For me it was wonderful to introduce my friends to Africa and to Robert and Sarah of Jinja, Uganda. My co-travelers were the donors of this beautiful playground, Betsy and Michael Riggan. The playground was installed while we were there at Fountain of Hope School. We and the children watched each day as this mysterious conglomeration of bright blue metal pipes and plastic cylinders turned into something they could play on. Robert told me he didn’t know what a “playground” meant when I first asked him if his school with 1300 kids could use one.


The story includes much more than a playground, as we brought the teachers some great ministry training. Kids Around the World, the organization that refurbishes Chicago suburb playgrounds (that are being replaced by new ones), supplied this huge set for Fountain of Hope School, and also sent trainers (from Nairobi) who trained teachers in Bible story telling methods. In a world where the facts on this page pictured here are true, it makes good sense to teach the age-old art of telling a story well. That’s what we saw in a 6 hour session with 25 teachers. The were energized to do what they already love to do….see life-changing material be taught in their classrooms. It was a delight to see their enthusiasm.IMG_E8492.JPG


Claudia Root, my dear friend of 30 some years joined our small team and as a teacher of  English to refugee and immigrant children in Glen Ellyn’s public schools for 20 some years, she gathered about 10 school teachers who teach English in this Ugandan grade school and middle school together to talk about teaching methods. They loved this time and will benefit from an American teacher sharing the craft of teaching English as a second language.




Betsy and I were able to present a lesson from the It Takes Courage! Curriculum. My hubby Jim has traveled with Kerus Global Education and presented teachers with the It Takes Courage! Curriculum for 20 years both with Campus Crusade for Christ and Kerus Global and seen teachers and students relate well to this 16 week lesson plan about life skills, character development and AIDS prevention material. It was well-received by the 8th grade class where we presented a sample lesson on Forgiveness and by the faculty that grasped a vision for using this plan.


Seeing the children’s lives in this school community was so encouraging. Robert and his wife Sarah had the vision to begin this school in this very Muslim populated area 14 years ago. It is an incredible testimony to God’s blessing the work of these two visionaries. They have hired great faculty and we know that there are higher paying jobs elsewhere so we pray that they will remain as they continue to feel God is using them so mightily here in Bukeeka, Uganda.


The Islamic community where this school is located have persecuted them in the past as you may read in the story linked here, The school has seen hundreds of children from this community come to Christ and families that follow and come to the local church that Robert planted across the road from the school. It is a remarkable story.  They could use your financial help to put the sides of a new church plant on this pole church. We worshipped here on their first year anniversary and the church is already at 300 worshippers.





It is so remarkable to be on-site and meet and see what God has done through Robert and his team who are training pastors, using evangelistic teams to plant 13 area churches, hiring fully devoted followers of Christ as teachers, and investing in the lives of children.

Partnering with faithful, gifted leaders in the majority world is one of the best thing for us to do with our mission dollars. If anyone wants to learn about how to do this well, there are resources available through Catalyst Services. Finding and developing a good partnership overseas is not easy, but this ministry will teach you what you need to know.

There are also kids you can sponsor at this school. About 100 of the 1300 kids would not be able to attend school without a sponsorship coming from the outside. I took two young girls, Florence and Jedidah for $30 a month each. If you’d like to consider this, visit this website.  

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We enjoyed a 3-day Kenyan Safari in Masai Mara on our way out. God’s creation is glorious. We saw a family of 9 elephants really close up and personal on the first day.

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