In late October 2017, Thrive Ministries will be hosting a retreat in Papua New Guinea….an island across many oceans and halfway around the globe between Indonesia and Australia…remember the National Geographic stories about this island in the south Pacific where people groups are still without a written language?…and usually without any influence from the rest of the world?


Well, the missionary effort has been strong in Papua New Guinea (PNG). Wycliffe Bible Translators and New Tribes Mission (now Ethnos360) are working there. There are many who have come to Christ, but it is often difficult for new believers to pull away from a pagan social structure and culture. The efforts in planting new churches through Bible translation and literacy work are truly amazing. Click here to watch an incredible video about a celebration.

I want to tell you about a great opportunity the next two weeks through Thrive Ministries. Here is a sample of a prayer guide for the PNG Retreat. It will tell you about how the heart of a missionary thinks and prays and you will begin to understand and empathize in a new way about her heart and her world.

You will love that you can subscribe and be a part of a network of women who pray one month before each retreat….seeing special insights to pray about and even first names of missionaries….Subscribe for 4 months of daily direction for missionary women who will be attending a retreat….and make a difference in their lives as well as four times a year to pray for a Thrive Retreat for Global women happening somewhere around the world.

Here is an example:

Pray for Papua New Guinea:

Aircraft and pilots of missionary organizations provide a lifeline for churches and missions. Many areas of PNG can only be reached by air. Unfortunately, thick forests, high mountains, dense clouds, and dangerous weather make flight conditions among the worst in the world. When there aren’t enough flight staff, missions must reduce the number of flights. Pray for the flying staff of Mission Aviation Fellowship (36 foreign and 120 national workers with 14 planes), SIL/JAARS (6 planes and 2 helicopters), New Tribes Mission (3 planes and 1 helicopter), and all who service the aircraft and travel in them.

Information courtesy of Operation World.