This is the Monday after Inauguration Day in the United States and this is the Monday after millions of women marched in cities in every continent making a statement about women needing to be protected, respected, and appreciated for who they are. Those two events were enough to give me one of those after-the-stress headaches and frankly, one that could last a long time. I just wanted to get on a jet plane and go somewhere, away…maybe visit some family in Sweden, or friends in another country… that might help me get my mind off of our country and the issues.


So today I went to an unusual source to find solace. I clicked into the Thrive Ministry Magazine called Connection. It is a magazine for global women written by global women. I read an article that ministered to my soul on this Monday. I hope you like it too. It was written by a woman who had to leave her country and come to America. She didn’t want to be here. But God had something for her to do.

The author, Jami Staples,  reminded me that we all have work to do, wherever we are. God has placed us here to follow Him and do what He asks of us. I felt His voice through her story.

By the way, I love being a part of the ministry that serves global women with this on-line magazine.  I am presently chairing the Thrive Ministry Board of Directors for this vibrant, important ministry to thousands of women global workers who serve Christ around the globe. This Connection Magazine is read by hundreds of women, some isolated and some in huge cities, but few are surrounded by other like-minded women and a thoroughly culturally comfortable church family. They all need each other. This magazine serves them.

The article I just read made me hungry to serve these global women workers, many of whom I know and love. I sometimes yearn to be with them. I only spent a year overseas, but I “get” many things about their lives. I love and respect them for what they do for Jesus. You can serve them too through volunteering at an international retreat. Read more. 

Today I pray that those who feel isolated and disconnected in their countries of service, (like I feel today), will know that they are a part of another community of great power and strength and love… and a part of something with a future that is sure…the body of Christ, His church, and eternity in heaven. We are so blessed to know this from the top of our heads to the tip of our toes. God has a plan and we will be a part of it. Let’s just play our part, like Jami chose to do.