I was very involved in the beginning years of Global Connections at Willow Creek Community Church in South Barrington, IL. As an International Ministries board member we dreamed of the day when the, then 15,000 people, who called Willow Creek home would know and understand the global missions ministries that the church was engaged with at that time. I felt like often the enthusiasm of the leadership just wasn’t there to promote or celebrate God’s missionary heart from the front…to everyone.

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Today things are very different. Call it enlightenment or the church leaders growing into something new in understanding the nature of taking the gospel to the whole world…but whatever it is….it’s amazing. God has blessed the work they are doing in Latin America, Africa and Asia. This weekend is a prime example. It’s the church’s 10th anniversary of the 3 week long Celebration of Hope. It’s an amazing conference with all the international partners there to inspire you.

The teaching this weekend is by guests, Nicholas Kristoff and his wife (authors of Half the Sky) and Pastor Oscar Muriu from Nairobi Chapel.

If you go to Willow physically or via their live streamed services, you can go or listen at 5pm on Sat., April 25 or 9 or 11:15am on April 26 or the following weekend as it closes. You won’t regret hearing the speakers anytime you can listen online.

If you can make it there locally, allow enough time to explore the many exhibits and read the inspiring work that is happening in Jesus’ name around the world. It actually allows you to learn so much, I’m calling the exhibits a crash course in missions.





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Enjoy this incredible 3 weekend missions extravaganza.