I’ve decided to go with the common trend on Thursdays. There are some Judge memories made in Africa that connect with today in some interesting ways.

The first one will be starting next Thursday and will take you down memory lane when the Judge family spent the 1990-91 school year in Kenya. Our kids were young and impressionable and we parents were energetic and enthusiastic. It was a fabulous year…one we would all relive if we could. My husband, Jim wrote a book about that year that you can find as an ebook, Unfamiliar Territory (James Judge).

It started with a challenge from our Pastor Bill Hybels to give God a costly gift that year. Having a dream to take our family on an extended mission experience some day, we gave a costly gift of a year in Africa. We sold our house and lived on the profits for a year in Kenya. It was given as a gift to God in service, but as is often the case, we received much more than we gave.

I look forward to sharing with you how it went, what we learned, and how it affects so much of our life today.

If you would like to read more, order Jim’s ebook.

Pictured in 1990, Cindy and Jim Judge, l. to r. Katie, Jennifer, Emily

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